Invest in Luxury Watches & NFTs: The Newest Investment Opportunity

• Investment options have expanded beyond traditional stocks and properties with the introduction of cryptocurrency and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).
• Luxury watches, particularly Rolex models, have become popular investments due to their craftsmanship and resale value.
• Jacob & Co. recently released the world’s first luxury watch NFT, a 10-second animation of their SF24 Tourbillon timepiece.

Alternative Investments

The digital age has opened up a range of alternative investments that go beyond stocks, bonds and property. Cryptocurrencies and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) have been gaining traction as investment tools in recent years.

Luxury Watches as Investments

Luxury watches are becoming increasingly popular as an investment option due to their high resale value and craftsmanship. Rolex is one of the most sought after brands when it comes to investing in watches, with prices on the secondary market reaching dizzying heights due to its artificial exclusivity and high demand. Other notable players include Omega, Patek Philippe, Breitling etc.

Jacob & Co.

Jacob & Co., a premium jeweler and watchmaker in New York City recently took this concept further by creating the world’s first luxury watch NFT – a 10-second animation of their SF24 Tourbillon timepiece. The model’s stand-out feature is the split-flap system; on the NFT version it displays ten different crypto currencies while on the physical version it functions as a GMT watch showing dual time zones simultaneously.

A Combination of Craftsmanship & Crypto

This unique combination offers investors something tangible yet novel with its integration of both craftsmanship and technology – making it an attractive proposition for those looking for both aesthetic pleasure or financial gains from their investments.


. Luxury watches are becoming more popular as investments due to their craftsmanship, design elements and resellability while Jacob & Co.’s luxury watch NFT combines both aspects into one product offering investors something new yet reliable at the same time.