2 viktige grunner til at Bitcoin Bulls forventer ytterligere oppside

Bitcoin har sett sterke gevinster de siste syv dagene. Ifølge CoinGecko har den ledende digitale eiendelen økt med 16% de siste sju dagene, noe som overgår Ethereum og en rekke andre digitale eiendeler.

Til tross for dette sterke prisoppgangen på den ledende digitale eiendelen, forventer analytikere ytterligere gevinster i ukene fremover. Her er noen grunner til at denne følelsen har blitt delt om Bitcoin.

# 1: Bitcoin ser sterk etterspørsel etter bedrift

Bitcoin ser sterk etterspørsel fra spillere som MicroStrategy og andre bedriftsaktører.

Bare den siste uken ble det avslørt av forretningsserviceselskapet at det vil samle inn nesten 1 milliard dollar for å kjøpe Bitcoin gjennom salg av bedriftsobligasjoner. Firmaet kunngjorde saken:

“MicroStrategy® Incorporated (Nasdaq: MSTR) (“ MicroStrategy ”) kunngjorde i dag prissettingen av tilbudet på samlet $ 900 millioner hovedstol på 0% konvertible eldre sedler med forfall 2027 (“ sedlene ”). Sedlene vil bli solgt i et privat tilbud til kvalifiserte institusjonelle kjøpere … MicroStrategy har til hensikt å bruke nettoprovenuet fra salget av sedlene til å anskaffe ytterligere bitcoin. ”

Det forventes at dette salget vil avsluttes i løpet av den kommende uken. Hvis salget lykkes, vil inntektene bli „TWAPped“ til Bitcoin-markedet, noe som representerer en vesentlig økning i etterspørselen etter den ledende digitale eiendelen.

Andre selskaper som Twitter ser også på å kjøpe Bitcoin for å sikre balansen mot inflasjonseffekten som deprimerer amerikanske dollar.

# 2: Tilstrømninger vil sannsynligvis øke med depotløsninger

Det er fremtredende investeringsbanker og institusjonelle aktører som jobber med institusjonelle depotløsninger som sannsynligvis vil øke etterspørselen etter Bitcoin og andre digitale eiendeler.

Som rapportert av The Wall Street Journal, jobber Bank of New York MellonCorp., Landets eldste bank, med en digital forvaringsløsning.

Firmaet sa forrige uke at det jobber med et system som gjør det mulig å „holde, overføre og utstede bitcoin“ og andre digitale eiendeler.

Firmaets ledere ser at det er økende etterspørsel etter Bitcoin og andre digitale eiendeler.

BNY Mellons tilbud vil være unikt ved at både detaljhandels- og institusjonelle aktører vil få tilgang til Wall Street-gradert forvaring for både digitale eiendeler og tradisjonelle eiendeler gjennom en megler, noe som kan redusere adgangsbarrieren for potensielle investorer.

Près de 90% des investisseurs voient les actions Bitcoin et US Tech comme des bulles: enquête de la Deutsche Bank

Près de 90% des répondants à l’enquête mensuelle des professionnels du marché de la Deutsche Bank ont ​​déclaré que les marchés financiers connaissent un certain nombre de bulles de prix.

Ces bulles incluent celle du Bitcoin et des actions technologiques américaines qui figurent en tête de cette liste

Depuis la vente massive de mars, le prix du Bitcoin Trader a gagné plus de 10x et, en janvier, il a atteint un nouveau record historique à 42000 dollars au milieu de l’impression monétaire par les banques centrales du monde entier et des taux d’intérêt abaissés à zéro et sous zéro. niveau.

Les répondants voient également la valeur de Bitcoin divisée par deux au cours des 12 prochains mois. Ils partagent les mêmes sentiments pour Tesla d‘ Elon Musk , qui a bondi de 11,2 fois depuis la vente de mars pour atteindre le sommet de 880 $ au début du mois.

Selon l’étude, 71% des 627 investisseurs interrogés ne pensaient pas que la Réserve fédérale américaine réduirait ses mesures de relance avant la fin de l’année

Dans une enquête similaire menée par Bank of America , le Bitcoin long a remplacé les positions longues sur les actions technologiques américaines en tant que commerce le plus encombré en janvier, le dollar court à la troisième place. 18% de ces investisseurs considèrent également la bulle de Wall Street comme l’un des risques extrêmes pour l’économie.

Un record de 92% des investisseurs BofA s’attendent également à une inflation plus élevée et à une courbe de rendement record de 83% plus raide, tout en étant optimistes sur la croissance mondiale.

Ethereum price cracks 1,000 USD

Ethereum price cracks 1,000 USD – How much potential does ETH have?

Ethereum (ETH) was invented by Vitalik Buterin and is a great blockchain for smart contracts, dapps and even token creations. The picture shows a metal coin of Ethereum in front of a price curve.

The Ethereum price is on the heels of Bitcoin’s record-breaking upward movement in recent weeks. The largest altcoin with a market capitalisation of 115 billion USD has risen by Crypto Trader almost 50% within the last week and exceeded the magic limit of 1,000 USD.

The Ethereum price is currently showing its strong side. The last time this price level was reached was in February 2018. At that time, the Ethereum price reached the previous all-time high of just under USD 1,450.

Ethereum is on the verge of a big change

Due to the strong volatility of the Bitcoin price, the Ethereum price is currently fluctuating around USD 1,000. Since the sharp drop in March 2020, the ETH price has risen by more than 900%, outperforming BTC.

At this point, one should not forget that the risk with Ethereum is much higher than with Bitcoin. This is not only due to the high dependence on BTC, but also to the update to Ethereum 2.0, which is expected to be completed in the next few years.

In the process, ETH will switch from the Proof-of-Work (PoW) to Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus algorithm. So the danger is not only in the change itself, but also in the higher uncertainty due to PoS. Currently, no one knows whether the security around Ethereum and the values stored in the various smart contracts will be sufficient.

DeFi TVL on ETH continues to rise massively

Currently, almost 18 billion USD are deposited in the various DeFi applications on ETH. This is also one of the possible reasons why the Ethereum price has risen so sharply.

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Ethereum with a lot of potential

In addition, ETH is to become deflationary through a new EIP (Ethereum Improvement Proposal). With EIP 1559, part of the transaction fees will be wiped out forever, reducing the number of ETH in the long run.

Nevertheless, Ethereum does not have a maximum number like Bitcoin. Therefore, it is still unclear how the circulating number of ETH will develop in the future. The inflation rate could change in the future. Therefore, Ethereum is not a store of value and has different characteristics than Bitcoin.

Whether the Ethereum price will reach its old all-time high again and perhaps march in the direction of 2,000 or even 3,000 USD is currently impossible to predict. However, with the growing interest in DeFi, Ethereum should also gain attention.

In addition, many new investors are currently entering the cryptospace and are often oriented towards Coinmarketcap and Co. Therefore, it is to be expected that a lot of fresh money will flow into ETH. We are curious to see how the Ethereum price will perform in the coming weeks and months and will keep you up to date.

Crypto regulation: FinCEN tightens thumbscrews

FinCEN tightens its thumbscrews on regulation


As the year kicks off, there are indications that the regulatory regime for the crypto market will be drastically tightened. Especially in the US. FinCEN is presenting two initiatives at once.

With the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN), the US Treasury Department has a department that specialises in Bitcoin Legacy review monitoring potential violations of domestic financial laws. Now they are planning a new regulation. US citizens will have to report it if they have more than 10,000 US dollars (USD) in cryptocurrencies with foreign financial service providers or providers of virtual assets.

As stated in a FinCEN memo, currently the Foreign Bank and Financial Account Reporting (FBAR) regulations do not define a foreign virtual currency account as a type of reportable account. This is only the case if the account holds reportable assets in addition to virtual currencies. Currently, FBARs must be filed by persons who have a total of more than USD 10,000 in foreign financial accounts, including foreign currencies in the form of fiat money. Virtual currencies are currently excluded from this reporting requirement.

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FinCEN’s plans for the changed rulemaking were made public on New Year’s Eve. This may not have happened by accident. It is commonly expected that there will be a change at the top of the Treasury Department in about three weeks. Nevertheless, the announcement does not contain an exact date of entry into force of the new regulation.

Crypto scene not very enthusiastic about FinCEN proposal

The FBARs must include the name of the account holder, the account number, the name and address of the foreign bank. The type of account and the maximum value that appeared there during the year are also required. People who do not file the tax return face various penalties. These include fines, according to the International Revenue Service (IRS) website. Whether FinCEN will also require crypto investors to provide additional information, such as blockchain addresses, is currently unclear.

In addition, FinCEN wants to implement another regulatory provision. This is about a requirement for crypto exchanges to store customer data when more than USD 3,000 is transferred to unhosted wallets. This announcement a week before Christmas was anything but well received in the crypto scene. Its enforcement would mean an immense additional administrative burden for many crypto projects, especially smaller ones. Many active members of the crypto community have therefore called on their users to submit comments against this proposal. Some observers see this push as a kind of parting shot against cryptocurrencies by current Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin. The cry for help from Brian Armstrong, founder and CEO of the bitcoin exchange Coinbase, was particularly loud.

Wisebitcoin Exchange för att ge snabbare och enklare kryptohandel

Wisebitcoin, ett nytt kryptovalutautbyte som erbjuder djup likviditet och dygnet runt kundtjänst, har meddelat sin officiella lansering idag, efter år av utveckling i stealth-läge.

Wisebitcoyns unika erbjudanden inkluderar tjänster som ansluter till molnet med 15 miljoner användare och 280+ handlare. Wisebitcoin har upp till 100X hävstångseffekt, 6 miljarder dollar daglig handelsvolym och över 2,3 miljoner tps enskilda handelspar.

„Jag är glad att meddela att Wisebitcoin har lanserats idag efter många månaders utveckling. Wisebitcoin är en ny börs som kommer att vara den föredragna metoden att köpa och sälja krypto för professionella handlare runt om i världen“, säger Wisebitcoyns rådgivare Junghwan Cho.

Efter lanseringen av en betaversion 2018 uppgraderade teamet på Wisebitcoin systemet och skapade en anslutning till molnet förra året. Plattformen erbjuder över 50 kryptovalutor för spothandel, inklusive BTC, USDT, ETH och andra digitala tillgångar. Den har ständig handel med USDT-swappar och myntbyten i terminsbörsen och erbjuder över 100 handelspar och över 30 kryptovalutans insättningar och uttag inklusive BTC, ETH och USDT.

Med ett enkelt, användarvänligt gränssnitt, en mobilapp och en försäkringsfond för att skydda tillgångar, syftar Wisebitcoin till att bli valet för professionella kryptohandlare och marginalhandlare över hela världen.

Wisebitcoin har sitt huvudkontor i Singapore och är en innovativ global decentraliserad utbytesplattform för professionella handlare. Med ett mångkulturellt team med över 50 specialister erbjuder Wisebitcoin enastående servicenivåer inklusive 24/7 live telefonsupport, molntjänst, ett affiliate-program, djup likviditet och mer. För mer information, besök www.wisebitcoin.com eller https://twitter.com/wisebitcoin.

L’ethereum explose à près de 1000$ alors que le bitcoin atteint 34 800$, les analystes prédisent ce qui pourrait se passer en 2021

L’Ethereum (ETH) s’échange actuellement à 937 $, ce qui représente une hausse significative par rapport aux 770 $ de baisse intrajournalière

L’année 2021 a commencé sur une très bonne note pour Bitcoin et la majorité des crypto-actifs. La plus grande devise de cryptologie, le Bitcoin, a explosé au cours des dernières 24 heures pour atteindre un sommet de 34 810 dollars sur Coinbase. Le plus grand Altcoin, Ethereum (ETH), a également atteint un sommet de 978 dollars, en hausse rapide après avoir dépassé le niveau de résistance des prix de 750 dollars.

Non seulement Bitcoin et Ethereum, mais la majorité des crypto-actifs sont également dans le vert. Le Bitcoin Cash (BCH) et le Litecoin ont atteint des sommets de 417 $ et 160 $ respectivement. Les plus gros gains hebdomadaires restent Dogecoin (DOGE) et Polkadot (DOT) avec respectivement 143 % et 84 % de gains en pourcentage.

Dans chacun des marchés haussiers de Bitcoin, DOGE a connu de forts rallyes paraboliques. La raison de la hausse des Dogecoin pourrait être encore plus évidente lorsqu’elle a violé le principal soutien technique contre Bitcoin, 15 Satoshis, qui a toujours été un niveau de soutien au cours des cinq dernières années.

Avec les récentes performances de Bitcoin, la plupart des analystes pensent que la CTB sera extrêmement performante au-delà de 2021. Michael van de Poppe a déclaré que 2021 démontrerait la force de l’élan de la CTB. Affirmation :

„Cette année montrera la force réelle de la CTB. Une bonne partie ; $ETH montre également des indications de force alors qu’il a atteint un nouveau sommet. Une grande année pour la crypto“.

Au moment de la rédaction de cet article, la CTB s’échange à 32 730 $, bien qu’elle ait atteint 34 810 $ aux premières heures de la journée.

Ethereum (ETH) se négocie actuellement à 937 dollars, ce qui représente une hausse significative par rapport aux 770 dollars atteints en cours de journée.

Les analystes prédisent ce qui pourrait se passer en 2021

Le lancement prochain de CME Ethereum futures en février est un autre catalyseur de prix important pour l’ETH. Étant donné le niveau élevé de la demande institutionnelle pour Bitcoin depuis le premier trimestre 2020, la demande pourrait également stimuler l’ETH après sa cotation.

Avec le lancement d’ETH 2.0, les analystes s’attendent à ce qu’Ethereum continue de prospérer. Ils affirment également que les histoires de „tueurs d’Ethereum“, tels que Cardano et Polkadot, qui ont été saluées par le passé, pourraient s’orienter davantage vers une „coïncidence avec l’ETH“.

À court terme, un récit populaire qui pourrait maintenir le prix de Bitcoin plus élevé est la prédiction que les institutions n’ont peut-être pas acheté BTC en décembre en raison de problèmes comptables potentiels. Ainsi, certains analystes affirment que davantage d’institutions pourraient passer à Bitcoin au premier trimestre 2021. Cela pourrait probablement déclencher un rallye plus large de BTC si cela se produit.

Bitcoin pourrait atteindre 47 000 dollars à court terme, selon le trader et analyste technique Nik Patel. Patel a expliqué qu’un scénario potentiel pour Bitcoin serait une hausse à environ 47.000 dollars, un recul à 29.000 dollars, et ensuite un lever de lune.

Les prévisions à six chiffres sur le prix des bitcoins sont devenues plus courantes ces derniers mois, d’autant plus que le rallye a atteint de nouveaux sommets.

Voici quelques prévisions prudentes sur le prix du bitcoin en 2021

Thomas Lee, co-fondateur de Fundstrat Global Advisors, affirme que le prix de Bitcoin pourrait tripler en 2021, ce qui donne une prévision de prix de 100 000 $ lorsqu’on le compare au récent prix de 32 000 $. Il pense que Bitcoin sera soutenu par un affaiblissement du dollar américain et un plus grand nombre de jeunes investisseurs qui préfèrent détenir Bitcoin plutôt que de l’or.

Kelvin Koh du Spartan Group pense cependant que Bitcoin dépassera les 100 000 dollars en 2021. Mike Novogratz, de Galaxy digital, prévoit que Bitcoin atteindra bientôt 65 000 dollars, en invoquant l’effet de réseau.

L’analyste de Bloomberg Michael McGlone a récemment prédit que Bitcoin pourrait atteindre 50 000 dollars en 2021, citant les tendances macroéconomiques qui pousseront le marché encore plus loin.

Previsione dei prezzi Bitcoin: BTC/USD non può mai commerciare sotto i 20.000 dollari di nuovo; Uptrend diventa parabolico

I tori Bitcoin sono riusciti a spingere la coppia al di sopra del livello di 34.000 dollari, mentre il primo asset digitale tocca un nuovo record di prezzo a 34.810 dollari.

BTC/USD Tendenza a lungo termine: Rialzista (grafico giornaliero)
Livelli chiave:

Livelli di resistenza: $36.000, $36.200, $36.400

Livelli di supporto: $27.800, $27.600, $27.400

BTCUSD – Grafico giornaliero
Al momento della scrittura, BTC/USD è scambiato circa 32.790 dollari al di sopra delle medie mobili a 9 e 21 giorni. Nonostante il ritracciamento, Bitcoin (BTC) è rimasto in una zona rialzista ed è probabile che continui a salire verso i 35.000 e i 36.000 dollari. Tuttavia, il forte aumento del prezzo BTC/USD non si è fermato qui in quanto è salito a un nuovo massimo di tutti i tempi sopra i 34.800 dollari prima di correggere al ribasso. La moneta del re sta ora precipitando al di sotto del livello di resistenza di 33.000 dollari, il che potrebbe portare molti investitori a togliere profitti dal tavolo.

Cosa aspettarsi da Bitcoin (BTC)
Il grafico giornaliero rivela che i tori Bitcoin stanno ora dominando il mercato. Tuttavia, se i tori continuano a spingere il mercato al di sopra del recente massimo giornaliero, allora il prezzo di mercato potrebbe raggiungere i livelli di resistenza di 36.000, 36.200 e 36.400 dollari rispettivamente. Inoltre, un ulteriore movimento rialzista al di sopra di questi livelli di resistenza potrebbe incoraggiare ulteriori acquisti al di sopra del limite superiore del canale.

In altre parole, una rottura al di sotto della media mobile a 9 giorni potrebbe provocare un calo ancora più profondo verso i livelli di supporto di 27.800, 27.600 e 27.400 dollari. Nel frattempo, secondo l’indicatore tecnico RSI (14), Bitcoin potrebbe continuare a seguire una tendenza al rialzo mentre la linea di segnale si muove al di sopra del livello di 85 all’interno della zona di ipercomprato.

BTC/USD Trend a medio termine: Rialzista (grafico 4H)
Guardando il grafico orario, dopo il rifiuto di 34.800 dollari, BTC/USD è scambiato al di sotto del livello di resistenza di 33.000 dollari. Guardando dall’alto, se il Bitcoin tiene al di sopra di $34.000, allora il prossimo livello di resistenza potrebbe essere di $34.500 prima del massimo del 2021 a $34.810, insieme alla significativa linea di tendenza ascendente di cui si è parlato. La resistenza successiva sarebbe di 35.400 dollari, seguita da 35.600 e 35.800 dollari.

BTCUSD – Grafico a 4 ore
Nel frattempo, mentre l’indicatore tecnico si muove al di sotto del livello 65, questo potrebbe aver segnalato la fine temporanea del trend rialzista di Bitcoin. Tuttavia, l’indicatore RSI (14) sta incontrando la cruciale linea di tendenza dei minimi più alti. Se non riesce a trovare supporto in questo caso, i trader possono aspettarsi che la correzione diventi ancora più profonda, che potrebbe probabilmente raggiungere i livelli di supporto di $30.600, $30.400, e $30.200 rispettivamente.

Bitcoin tax: Indian bill calls for 18 percent

The Indian government’s stance on cryptocurrencies remains ambivalent. Now, a new tax bill is looming that could put an end to many crypto exchanges.

The Indian government is considering a bill that would impose an 18 percent tax on Bitcoin Pro review transactions, according to a Times Of India media report. With transaction volumes equivalent to $5.5 billion annually, the Indian treasury would thus flush $1 million into its own coffers. The CEIB (Central Economic Intelligence Bureau), a section of the Ministry of Finance, submitted the proposal to the Central Board of Indirect Taxes & Customs (CBIC). The CEIB acts as a think tank for the Ministry of Finance in India. It has already conducted a study on the collection of goods and services tax (GST) on cryptocurrencies.

The report further mentions that the CEIB has asked the Indian government to recognize bitcoin as an intangible asset. This would effectively give the green light to impose a GST levy on all Bitcoin transactions in the country. The push does not really come as a surprise. For quite some time now, there have been concerns from the authorities about the lack of regulations regarding cryptocurrencies. The use of Bitcoin in illegal activities such as money laundering and betting came into focus.

Bitcoin trading allowed again in India since March

The challenges posed by unregulated crypto exchanges and their trading are all the greater after the Supreme Court of India overturned a two-year ban imposed by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). Since then, banks and financial institutions have been allowed to trade digital currencies again. Immediately after the ban was lifted, transaction numbers skyrocketed.

The government in India had previously attracted attention with its very tough stance against cryptocurrencies. As BTC-ECHO reported back in August of this year, the government was even considering banning Bitcoin & Co. trading completely. How practicable this approach ultimately is remains questionable. After all, India is the third-largest economy in Asia with one of the highest growth rates in an international comparison. That there is a need for action in terms of regulation has, however, been noted many times.

Taxing trading as GST would mean the end for many crypto exchanges in India, as Bitcoin exchange chief Praveenkumar Vijaayakumar explains in an open letter to the RBI. As long as the RBI does not create clear rules, crypto exchanges would also not get the financial services they need from their lenders. In this regard, it should be clear that the announced 18 percent taxation will not provide the clarity that crypto exchanges so desperately want.

Bitcoin: inversores institucionales dispuestos a invertir masivamente en BTC

Raoul Pal dice que los inversores institucionales se están preparando para invertir masivamente en Bitcoin.

Agregó que estas instituciones habían impulsado la demanda de la moneda más allá del nivel de oferta

En una entrevista reciente con Bostjan Usenik, Raoul Pal, un importante inversor de Bitcoin y cofundador de Real Vision, ha dicho que más inversores institucionales ahora están listos para comprar el principal criptoactivo.

Pal señaló que todas las instituciones con las que ha hablado habían mostrado un nivel de preparación para comprar Bitcoin. Agregó que la aprobación de un ETF de BTC también contribuiría en gran medida a cambiar la forma en que opera la industria.

Según Pal, Bitcoin es un activo que nunca antes se había visto en la historia de la industria financiera. Y en los últimos cinco a diez años, la moneda ha demostrado su valía para estar entre los activos de mejor rendimiento.

El cofundador de Real Vision dijo además que „las instituciones aún no se han introducido completamente en el mundo de las criptomonedas“. Él cree que cuando finalmente lo hagan, será enorme para el activo de rápido movimiento.

Los inversores institucionales en Bitcoin impulsan la demanda más allá del nivel de oferta

Raoul Pal también le dijo a Bostjan que la demanda de Bitcoin por parte de instituciones como PayPal, CashApp, Grayscale y otras no está siendo satisfecha por el nivel actual de oferta del activo.

El ex administrador de fondos de Goldman Sachs dice que estas instituciones están acumulando sus monedas porque también esperan que el precio del activo siga aumentando. Esto ha llevado a que casi no haya suministro de la moneda; en cambio, las demandas siguen aumentando.

PayPal recientemente permitió a sus usuarios en los Estados Unidos poder comprar Bitcoin a través de su plataforma. Grayscale, por otro lado, tiene uno de los fideicomisos más grandes de BTC. La firma posee actualmente más de $ 10 mil millones del activo digital.

Instituciones como MicroStrategy, Mass Mutual Insurance Company y otras también poseen miles de criptoactivos.

Simple steps to start negotiating Bitcoins

You don’t need thousands of dollars to invest in Bitcoin and getting started is not as difficult as you can imagine.

As Bitcoin (BTC) continues to gain momentum, the fear of staying out of investments in the world’s largest cryptomeda is growing every day.

On November 18, the Bitcoin (BTC) reached a price mark of $18,000 for the first time since December 2017, less than 10% of its all-time high of $20,000.

As some analysts believe that the next $20,000 mark is not the end, but the beginning of the next Bitcoin explosion toward a $1 trillion asset may not yet be too late to enter Bitcoin.

The stock of Bitcoin is limited to 21 million coins, but you do not need to have thousands of dollars to own some. You can start buying Bitcoin with as little as $15, receiving about 0.0008 BTC in exchange, according to the BTC price at the time of publication of this article.

Starting to invest in Bitcoin is not as difficult as you can imagine. Here are some simple tips to buy Bitcoin easily.

1. choose a reliable cryptomachine booth

The first step to buying Bitcoin is to easily choose the right cryptomeda exchange.

You may have heard of the world’s largest cryptomote exchanges, like Binance and Coinbase, but there are about 400 cryptomote exchanges worldwide, according to the great cryptomote data site CoinMarketCap.

When choosing a digital asset exchange to buy Bitcoin, make sure the company is suitable and serves customers in your country. Using tools like CoinMarketCap or CoinGecko, also check the trading volumes on a given platform. Do some research, read some news and updates on a company’s website or Twitter for more information such as platform transaction fees, deposit methods and security protocols.

2. Sign up for a platform and complete the security checks

Once you have chosen a crypto exchange, prepare to create an account and proceed with the necessary verification processes. Opening an account at most exchanges, such as Binance, is free, requiring only an email and a phone number.

Some cryptomode exchanges, such as BitMEX and Coinbase, require Meet Your Customer checks for certain cryptomode operations, so you’ll want to have your passport or other official ID document in hand.

3. Don’t forget to enable the two-step verification

Use a strong password for your account in a crypto exchange and don’t forget to enable two-factor authentication, (2FA). 2FA enabled reduces the risk of security breach or hack by placing an additional layer of security on your account. Google Authenticator is one of the most popular 2FA applications, providing users with two-step verification with a phone.

4. Consider your preferred payment option

There are several ways to buy Bitcoin News Trader with currencies like the US dollar or the euro. Some crypto currency exchanges allow people to buy Bitcoin using a debit or credit card as well as a bank account. The use of one of these methods will require the linking of an account or card to your account on the platform.

Some global exchanges also allow users to purchase Bitcoin directly from users via a peer-to-peer service, in which customers browse offers posted by other users.

Other cryptomode exchanges allow users to purchase Bitcoin through third-party payment solutions, such as Simplex, and some large payment companies, such as PayPal, also allow cryptomode purchases (for now, only in the US).

5. Start buying Bitcoin

Now you are ready to buy some Bitcoins, but first you must decide how much you want to invest. Remember that this is a high risk investment and it is best to start with a meaningful research and honest calculation of how much you are willing to risk. Large investors and entrepreneurs like Mark Cuban have recommended in the past to invest up to 10% of their savings in Bitcoin.

Don’t keep too many cryptomaps directly in an exchange

To keep your Bitcoin safe, consider using a cold wallet or paper wallet. Read Cointelegraph’s piece on how to keep your crypto safe for more tips about crypto security.

Once you have a Bitcoin, take care of your crypto. By keeping the assets in a cryptomeda exchange, users run the risk of losing access to them due to a number of reasons, such as a possible hack or security breach, which can result in frozen looting or other problems.

To keep your Bitcoin safe, consider using a cold wallet or paper.

Disclaimer: Investment in Bitcoin is associated with a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors due to the high volatility of BTC prices. Before investing in crypto, you should carefully consider your investment objectives and the risks of losing money.